Here are the cats and kittens available for adoption. Click any photo below to enlarge its display.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please complete the Cat Adoption Application and Cat Adoption Agreement. Submit the forms to Pet Adoption Services, by mail (PO Box 817, Grass Valley, CA 95945) or fax (530 274 2576). Call for more information about the adoption program at 530 271 7071, ext. 204 or email

AnimalSave sometimes has outside, semi-feral cats that would love a barn or garage to call home. Give us a call at 530 271 7071 ext. 206 if you are interested in giving a couple of feral cats a caring outside home. Here's more information about our Feral Cat Program.

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From Meow to You …

A small crowd of staff and volunteers stands around chatting in Pet Adoption Services. Suddenly there is a collective sharp intake of breath, and a hush falls over the room. Everyone stares with wide eyes into the cat room, where Tally has just jumped into an elderly woman’s lap. Tally settles down, rests her head on the woman’s chest, and gazes up at her in adoration. The woman smoothes her plush fur. Both look so content. The rest of us are holding our breath, nervously looking at the frail woman’s crepe paper thin skin, wondering how long this magical moment will last, and hoping the woman won’t get scratched. Before long, another cat innocently wanders over, twining about the woman’s legs. Tally’s head snaps around, and her bright eyes are sharp and focused. With a hiss and a swat, she clearly tells the other cat not to interrupt, then leaps off of the woman and runs away to a safe perch. Everyone exhales and laughs nervously.

Yes, Tally is a bit sassy, but who can blame her? She had a home, but was left locked inside and abandoned when her person moved away. A kind neighbor discovered her and brought her to AnimalSave. Tally was less than grateful, swiping her claws at anyone who came too close to her, whether human or feline. Our veterinary staff is happy she’s been such a healthy cat, because she doesn’t like to be poked and prodded at.  For a simple procedure like trimming claws, Tally needed a mild sedative. 

Over the course of the past two years, Tally has learned to trust us, and often hops into our laps, seeking love. We still have to watch out for her claws if another cat comes too close. Tally would definitely like to be the only cat in her forever home. I believe Tally will absolutely be someone’s best friend someday. It likely won’t be an instant bond, but it will be a strong bond, and a relationship worth working for. Tally will reward someone with so much love someday. She’s just waiting for a very special person. 

— Lotus Jayne, Pet Adoption Services Manager, July 2019.