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If you are interested in adopting a cat, please complete the Cat Adoption Application and Cat Adoption Agreement. Submit the forms to Pet Adoption Services, by mail (PO Box 817, Grass Valley, CA 95945) or fax (530 274 2576). Call for more information about the adoption program at 530 271 7071, ext. 204 or email

AnimalSave sometimes has outside, semi-feral cats that would love a barn or garage to call home. Give us a call at 530 271 7071 ext. 206 if you are interested in giving a couple of feral cats a caring outside home. Here's more information about our Feral Cat Program.

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From Meow to You …

“There’s a cat in the front room coughing, I think he has a hairball.” It’s a comment I hear about once a week, sometimes more often. I patiently explain every time, “That’s Grover. He doesn’t have hairballs, he has asthma.”
Grover gets medication to help ease his discomfort once a day. Of course, as soon as potential adopters hear of a medical condition and the need to administer medication, they immediately walk away from poor Grover in favor of a less complicated cat. But Grover’s needs really aren’t complicated. Usually his coughing is brought on when another cat decides to give him a bop on the head, or if there are a lot of noisy visitors in the cat room. His medication is very affordable, and he doesn’t put up a fuss about taking it. Perhaps he knows it helps him. 
Grover is a mellow boy who doesn’t like drama or change. He was upset when his first family had a new baby, and instead of helping him adjust to the new family member, they relinquished him to AnimalSave. Grover did not care for shelter life, occasionally hissing at volunteers and guests, and swatting at people’s legs as they walked past him. But after only a few months in the cat room, someone saw past his cranky exterior, and took him home. 
Grover thought he had it made. Happy in his new home, Grover loved his adopter, and happily followed her around her garden, doing some light hunting, and then curling up on a favorite chair, or on his person’s lap. Unfortunately, this was not Grover’s happy ending. Another adult in the household had anger issues, and nothing would set him off like Grover coughing in the night. Poor Grover couldn’t help it, and being around someone who was so often upset at him just made Grover’s asthma worse. With a heavy heart, his adopter returned Grover to AnimalSave.
It was shortly after he came to us for the second time that he was given his diagnosis and began medication. Yes, he still coughs occasionally. Heck, so do I. So do you, I bet. Asthma doesn’t define who Grover is. He is a mellow spirit. A quiet, slightly independent cat, who appreciates affection from people when he’s in the mood. He’s a sunbather. A hunter of lizards. He’s your next best friend, and he’s waiting for you here at AnimalSave.

— Lotus Jayne, Pet Adoption Services Manager, March 2019.