From time to time we receive a request from a member of the community who needs help re-homing an animal. So we help, and we call this program "Community Animals." Community Animals publicized by AnimalSave are privately-owned animals, and not under our management. If you'd like to adopt a Community Animal, please contact the owner directly, instead of calling us or filling out an AnimalSave adoption form.







Babydoll (f, 7 years old) and Prunes (m, 10 years old)  Need to find a new home because the owner is moving and her new place won't accept dogs. Babydoll is very friendly; a bit chubby. Would make a great pet for an older person, and gets along well with other small dogs and with Prunes. Babydoll is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.

Prunes is a Chihuahua/Minpin mix, and is temperamental. (He suffered some abuse prior to life with his current owner.) Prunes gets along fine with Babydoll. These two dogs would be great to adopt together, but can go to separate homes if need be. Call Nancy Montgomery at 719 924 4935 to adopt. Posted 2/24/17.


Conner (f, 10 years old) Due to severe allergies, must re-home. We adopted Conner 10 years ago and he has lived his entire life indoors. He is a very quiet, sweet, but large boy! Conner spends his days just lounging in one place or another and enjoys lots of pets and scratches on his back by his tail. He has no behavioral issues or bad habits. He won't scratch furniture as long as he has access to a good scratching post. Conner seems to do fine around other cats. He also seems fine with dogs as long as the dog doesn't go after him. Conner will defend himself if necessary, but mostly he will avoid the conflict and move somewhere else. Conner comes with two litter boxes, a travel carrier, and a large cat tree. Posted 11-10-16.

--Tim and Julie
Tim & Julie Baker []


Speedbump  Hi, I'm Speedbump. I'm female, 2 years old. I like to play fetch. I have complete vet records, am microchipped, and tested. Call Kimberly Bennett at 916 670 4519 to adopt me. Posted 8-28-16.


Kalie  Hi, I'm Kalie. I'm female, 2 years old. I'm quiet, soft, and very sweet. I have complete vet records, am microchipped, and tested. Call Kimberly Bennett at 916 670 4519 to adopt me. Posted 8-28-16.

Portuguese water dog mix

Portuguese Water Dog Mix  Hi, I'm fostering a 1 and 1/2 year old female Portuguese Water Dog mix. She is spayed and up to date with her shots. She is a absolute sweetheart. I have had her since June to become aware of her personality. She is great with people, children and other dogs and cats. She does enjoy being the Alpha since she was the only dog at her last home. Still she does well with the interactions I've had and with my two dogs. She would be a great companion for someone who enjoys the outdoors. She is very smart and loves the water. There is a re-homing fee. –Mattea Thomas. (Contact info to come.) Posted 8-16-16.


Hans (m, about 6 years) I'm a neutered male who has been well taken care of. I love to go outside during the day so I can play in the fresh air. I get along with dogs, other cats, and older children. I’m a really nice boy who would love to be your best friend. Please call Larry at 530 265 9797 if you’re interested in adopting me!

Drake and Anjelica

Angelica, Sonadora, and Drake  I need to find a loving home for my sweet cats. There are two Russian Blues (special cats!) that were bottle fed from a few days old and are very deeply loved and lovable! I also have an older Tabby that is just a love bug as well. The Russian Blues are almost 5 years old. Their names are Angelica and Sonadora ("Dreamer" in Spanish), and the Tabby is Drake ("Drakie"). They are really sweet and gentle. 

Please let me know a little about your situation, if you are interested in adopting them; or if you know of anyone, please pass the word on. Please reply to or 408-472-8924.

If you don't hear from me relatively quickly, please try to text, call or email again. Thank you!

anjelica and sonadora