Here are the dogs and puppies that are currently available for adoption. Click or tap the photo to expand its size.
Requirements for adoption of an AnimalSave dog: Fenced yard, indoor/outdoor access, someone home to train and socialize the dog, home check by AnimalSave. Our adoption fees are $150 for an adult dog and $200 for a puppy. Our animals are spayed or neutered, current on age-appropriate vaccinations, and microchipped. What a deal for a life-long friend!

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Taiga (f)  Taiga is a 13-month old German Shepherd/Samoyed. She is a very affectionate girl who is looking for her own person to love. Taiga has a lot of energy and would do best with space to run. She is very smart and learns quickly with rewards based training. Taiga knows “come,” “sit,” “down,” “wait” at doors, and “leave it.” She does an excellent “sit” and “wait” in front of her food bowl and gives eye contact before being released to eat. 

Taiga loves her foster mom so much it has been hard for her to learn not to jump up to get even closer. She is learning to offer off-leash heeling with eye contact instead of jumping up to get praise and petting when she wants attention during walks. Because Taiga is young, large, and bouncy, she would not be a good match for an elderly or frail person. 

Taiga is respectful with cats and excellent with other dogs.  She is a little hesitant with children and would do best in a home with adults only or with children above the age of twelve. Taiga can be startled by new things but recovers quickly. It sometimes takes Taiga a little time to warm up to new people, but she bonds quickly and well with people.  

She may not be the best match with an old and/or small dog. Taiga would do well paired with another young dog that is medium or large, energetic and playful. Her foster mom is a dog trainer and is amazed at how well Taiga plays with different dogs. She thinks Taiga has excellent canine social skills. Because Taiga wants to be with her person so much, she is good off leash and would be a great hiking buddy for an active person or couple.


Gretchen (f)  I'm a sweet little girl who loves to go on outings and does very well with children. I am a 5-year-old Chiweenie; partially debarked.  Shy but sweet, I prefer being the ‘sidekick’ over being the alpha dog. I am good with other animals and older children, and I'm housebroken and up to date with my vaccinations. 

Bagheera (f)  I’m Bagheera, a 8-year-old loving, happy, big strong girl. I have beautiful white markings on my chest and 4 brindled paws. Some say I look like a Rotty mix, other think I’m part Great Dane or Pitbull. That doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I need a home with a big fenced yard so I can run and play fetch. I’m very athletic. I’ve played happily with submissive male dogs but I’m not a “dog park” dog. I might chase a cat. I might knock a little kid down (accidentally, of course!) so I would prefer a home with no other dogs, cats, or little ones. I sit, stay, lie down, and love love love! Please complete an application if you are interested in me.



Bosco (m)  I’m Bosco. I might be a Mastiff or Pitbull mix, about 7 or 8 years old. I’m not sure, since I was found on the streets in the Bay Area and I'm not so good with math. My owner must be devastated that he lost me because I am the best good dog in the world! I have a beautiful brindle coat and a handsome head. I am very strong. I love to chase lizards, play with my kong, and go for walks and rides, but the thing I love most is to be with my human while he/she scratches my chest and belly. I will be so devoted to you if you choose to take me home. It must be a home with a fenced yard and no other male dogs. I am not a “dog park” dog. I was found with a submissive female dog whom I liked a lot. Cats? Little ones? Might knock over by accident. Please complete an application if you are interested in me. For you, I would willingly learn advanced algebra.


Loshi (F)  I’m Loshi, an 8-year-old Lab/Pit/Bear/Gorilla mix. I love to love and be loved! As you can see from my photo, I'm a snuggler! Feel free to kiss me right between my expressive Gorilla-like eyes. I like to do figure 8’s in the yard and get on your lap while you’re watching TV. I’m good on the leash and an excellent cuddler. I want a home with a yard and no other pets so I can have you all to myself. Please complete an application if you are interested in me.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please complete the Dog Adoption Application and a Dog Adoption Agreement.
Submit the forms to the Pet Adoption Services Manager by mail to PO Box 817, Grass Valley, CA 95945 or by fax to 530 274 2576.
For more information about the adoption program call 530 271 7071 ext. 204 or email

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