On a Cold, Dark Night ...

Spooky Bon Bon

Spooky Bon Bon

On Monday, a dark and stormy Halloween night, a grandmother was driving home from a night of trick-or-treating with the grandchildren. At an intersection near her home she saw a pet carrier with a “free” sign attached. This is a common occurrence, leftovers from yard sales often appear for free on curbs. 

The next day as she drove by, she saw movement inside the carrier. Shocked and concerned, she stopped to investigate. She was appalled to discover that inside was a wet, cold and very distraught cat. The pet carrier had an inch of water inside and the sides were muddy from being outside in a rain storm overnight. 

The kind woman took the cat home, wet and shaking. The cat was afraid but sensing the woman was only trying to help, was relieved to be dried and warmed. 

The woman knew that rescuing a cat is a big commitment in time and money. She acknowledged she was simply not in a position to give the cat the home she so well deserves and made the decision to bring the cat to AnimalSave the next day. 

When the woman arrived telling this unbelievable story, AnimalSave staff and volunteers jumped into action to determine the condition of the frightened cat. The lovely, tortoiseshell adult female was well-fed and spayed and we could not understand how this could happen or who would do something so awful to this beautiful cat. 

Here at AnimalSave we hear and see some terrible things involving how some people treat animals. But, we know feeling sorry for them and dwelling on the negative does not help the animal. So, we put our energies into helping them start a new life. 

“Spooky Bon Bon”, “Spooky” for the Halloween spent outside in the cold and wet and “Bon Bon” for the sweet cat she truly is, is available for adoption to the right family that will give her a new life in a dry, warm and loving forever home. Are you that family? 

You can meet “Spooky Bon Bon” at AnimalSave’s Cat Adoption Facility, 520 East Main Street, Grass Valley, CA. For more information, contact Pet Adoption Services at 530-271-7071, extension 204 or fosteradoption@animalsave.org. Visit our adoption page to see other animals waiting to start their new lives. 

[UPDATE:  Spooky Bon Bon is now adopted!]