Over the Rainbow Bridge

B & C with her friends

B & C with her friends

One late summer day in 2015, an employee at B & C Hardware called AnimalSave expressing concern about an old, thin cat that had been hanging out in the garden center. She ravenously ate any food given to her. Another old, thin cat was not what we needed, but Judy Brown, one of our Pet Adoption Services Managers, sped down to the B & C Garden Center to find a very frail, sick cat.

Looking like she wouldn’t live long enough to make it back to AnimalSave, Judy took her to Brunswick Veterinary Clinic immediately. Dr. Josh checked her out and confirmed she was “old as dirt” and had not one tooth in her mouth. She had an upper respiratory infection and other challenges, so I took her home expecting we would only have her for a short time.  

With food and medication, she improved greatly. We named her B & C. Her favorite thing in life was her food. Unfortunately, she had an extremely sensitive digestive system and was plagued with severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Several times I rushed her to the veterinarian thinking she was at the end. But, I’d bring her home with medications, fluids and suggestions on other foods she might tolerate better.

Finally, I contacted Lindsey McClerin, owner of Shinto’s Pet Food. The organic chicken and rice cat food and bone broth I got from Lindsey turned B & C around.  Shinto’s was the only food she could keep down. B & C improved enough that she was able to be in the Cat Adoption Room in her own suite for several months. When kitten season arrived and we needed more space, I happily took her back to my home. 

At probably at least age 20, B & C peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge while lying in my lap at home on January 22, 2017.  Her two BDFs (Best Dog Friends), Punkin and Emma, were there to ease her passing. 

B & C was a beautiful brown tabby with emerald eyes that held the wisdom of the ages who loved to “talk.” I miss her beauty and grace, her funny personality and our many “conversations.”

Carolyn Niehaus
Executive Director,