Where in the World is Elvis?

Elvis, a striking 16-pound orange tabby cat who is well known and very popular with the North Star Historic Conservancy crowd, arrived at Penny’s Place - AnimalSave’s new cat sanctuary - just before Halloween. Our little Trick and Treat!  

The caretakers at the Conservancy who brought him to us weren’t sure about his age or history, but legend has it that he had been a fixture at the North Star House for at least ten-years. Some of our own volunteers recognized him immediately from visits to the North Star House.

Elvis had his spot upstairs, but regularly came downstairs where he took his place on his favorite chair to attend events.  Weddings, parties, fundraising events – he wasn’t picky. He loved the excitement of the gathering and received lots of attention from the crowd. Always sweet and gentle – even with children – he was a much sought after guy.  

There are many “Elvis Stories”. One has it that a group was meeting at the North Star House and a man was sitting in a comfortable chair.  Elvis began rubbing against the man’s leg and walking toward the door. The man got up and walked with Elvis to the door to let him out. As he opened the door, Elvis turned, ran and jumped onto the favorite chair the man had inadvertently occupied! This is a smart cat.    

We aren’t sure of his age, but he is an oldster with some medical issues. His friends at the North Star House were concerned about how well he would deal with the upcoming cold, winter weather and about being able to properly medicate him for an ear infection. They contacted AnimalSave about how to help Elvis.

AnimalSave, as you know, has for nearly 20-years been a refuge for homeless cats and dogs - rescuing and finding homes for hundreds of them each and every year. The Cat Adoption Room is an open setting with free-roaming cats and lots of visitors.  It provides a perfect venue for most of the cats we rescue to be seen by folks wanting to adopt a “furr-ever” cat or kitten.  

We do, however, have many cats that are more difficult to adopt. Older cats, cats with medical issues, cats with behavioral issues, very frightened and shy cats that just do not do well in that setting. Thanks to ongoing donations from generous animal-loving folks, we have been able to open a separate sanctuary here at the AnimalSave Center for these special needs cats.  

Penny’s Place was named in memory of a much-loved cat that lived a long, long life with a generous donor. It offers a roomy, comfortable space for these cats who need extra time to recover and heal. It is our hope that they will eventually find their forever homes. Many of them, though, will find refuge at Penny’s Place for the rest of their days.

Elvis is here at Penny’s Place in his own suite. As a celebrity of the North Star Historic Conservancy, he has a regular group of visitors who check in on him. 

He has been to see Dr. Curtis at Best Friends Animal Clinic. We knew he was old, had bad teeth and a large growth on his chest. Dr. Curtis confirmed that he was old, needed extensive dental work and that the growth should be removed. Blood work and a chest x-ray determined that he is in exceptional shape for a guy his age and that he should do well with the procedures. The x-ray also revealed a pellet that has been embedded for who knows how long. He is a very tough cat. 

We started him on a course of antibiotics in preparation for surgery. It is our hope that we’ll get him on the mend and he’ll be adopted by someone wanting to give a sweet, old cat a warm, safe home. 

We feel privileged to be able to help sweet, sweet Elvis. Now all we need is your help with the anticipated expense of $1,200. I know it is a lot, and he is just an old cat. However, when he leans his head against you and looks at you with his soulful eyes, saying no is just not an option. Please help us help Elvis. He will greatly appreciate your donation.

If you would like more information on how to help Elvis or other animals in our care, please contact me at 530-271-7071 x 201 or carolyn@animalsave.org.  Stop by the Cat Adoption Room at 520 East Main Street, or visit our website at www.animalsave.org to see other cats and dogs waiting for their “furr-ever” home.

Carolyn Niehaus

Executive Director