Through any number of difficult circumstances, the time may come when you need to find a new home for your pet. We're here to help, with nine key resources that may make the process easier for both you and your animal.

  • Place the animal's name, description, and contact information on AnimalSave's Pet Referral List in the Pet Adoption Services office at 520 E Main St., Ste. H, Grass Valley, CA.
  • Put an ad in The Union and/or The Trader. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PET AWAY FOR FREE! Charge an adoption fee to screen out people who cannot afford to feed or care for a pet, and those who sell free animals to labs.
  • Call KNCO's Swap Shop (477 5626) Monday through Friday, 3-5 pm, and Saturday 8–10 am
  • Call KVMR's Flea Market (530 265 9555) Thursday 1–2 pm
  • Post flyers at pet stores, feed stores, and local veterinary offices. Photos help.
  • Email a photo to AnimalSave, accompanied by a description and your contact information for posting on our website. Notices will be removed after one month. A donation would be appreciated, but is not necessary.
  • If the animal is purebred, get on the internet and look for specific breed rescues.
  • Download a copy of How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets (308KB). It's published by Best Friends Animal Society, and is a superb guide for re-homing a pet.