AnimalSave is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation (Tax ID 94-2307359) dedicated to transforming the lives of dogs and cats in our community. We help animals and people through our spay/neuter services, by finding loving homes for animals, and through our supplemental pet food assistance program for low-income families.

Our mission:

AnimalSave transforms the lives of cats and dogs by providing humane education, affordable spay and neuter services, and by finding loving homes.

Our vision:

We envision a time when all animals are valued and treated with kindness and compassion. In fulfilling its mission and vision, AnimalSave undertakes activities that have these goals:

  • Focus on preventing overpopulation, suffering and abandonment through proactive services such as spay/neuter.

  • Work to change the overall cultural climate of its community through education and advocacy services that promote animal welfare.

  • Provide pet guardians with the information and physical resources they need to have healthy, loving relationships with one another.

  • Foster cultural values of kindness and compassion by opening people's hearts to the healing presence of companion animals.

Our programs include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, a low-income supplemental pet food assistance program, foster and adoption programs, a feral cat trap-and-release program, and ongoing education about animal care. These important programs provide a continuum of care that prevents animals from entering the shelter system. They are supported by your generous contributions, and staffed largely by our very active team of volunteers. 

The "A Furry Furry Night" event held in July is our primary fundraiser and provides much needed resources that support these programs. The Foster/Adoption Program finds loving homes for hundreds of animals each year. The Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic greatly reduces the number of unwanted animals in our community. In fact, in the past ten years, over 17,000 surgeries have been performed.

Our board and staff:

AnimalSave owes an enormous debt of gratitude to our highly committed Board of Directors.
These individuals who give so generously of their time and money, also share their valuable resources, skills and talents.


  • John Brown - President

  • Larry Hirtzel - Treasurer

  • Diana Bailey - Secretary

  • Robert Mason, DVM

  • Carolyn Niehaus


  • Carolyn Niehaus - Executive Director

  • Dr. Melinda Newton, DVM

  • Lotus Jayne - Pet Adoption Services Manager

  • Sheryl Luxon - Cat Room Attendant

  • Bird Gaudette - Veterinary Assistant

  • Nicola Kennedy - Office Manager

  • Judy Wilson - Thrift Store Manager

  • Ryan Kaplan - Donation Coordinator